I’m professor for human-computer interaction at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. My work and research focus on immersive user experiences and user interfaces in virtual and augmented reality. After studying Media Computer Science (Diploma) at the Stuttgart Media University I worked as a developer, designer, art, and technical director for CGI/VFX animations and video games. My Ph.D was funded by the scholarship "Digital Media". I was part of the Collaborative Research Center SFB-TRR 161 for Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing at the University of Stuttgart. In 2017, I worked at Oculus Research/Facebook in Redmond (WA). My thesis topic supervised by Niels Henze focused on the Uncanny Valley of virtual characters and avatars. In 2019, I was a postdoc the University of Regensburg. Today, I aim to bring forward research and innovative project on user interfaces and novel user experiences. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions or requests or visit our lab page or toolkits.


  • SS23: Project: Intelligent Systems Evaluation SS23 (PDF)
  • SS23: Project: Informatics Evaluation SS23 (PDF)
  • SS 21 - SS23: Computergraphics (Bachelor)
  • SS 20 - SS 23: Human-Machine Interaction (Master) Evaluation SS20 (PDF) / Evaluation SS23 (PDF) 
  • WS 21/22 - WS22/23: Human-Computer Interaction (Bachelor)
  • WS 20/21: Advanced OOP Programming with Java (Bachelor) Evaluation Lecture WS20/21 (PDF)Evaluation Exercises WS20/21 (PDF)
  • SS 20 - WS 20/21: Seminar Intelligent User Interfaces (Bachelor)
  • SS 20 - SS 21: Object-oriented Programming with C++ (Bachelor) Evaluation SS20 (PDF)
  • WS 19/20: Research Seminar for Media Informatics (Master)
  • WS 19/20: Multimedia Technologies (Bachelor)
  • SS 19: Software-Engineering Seminar for Media Informatics (Master)
  • SS 19: Research Seminar for Media Informatics (Bachelor)
  • WS 16/17: Programming for Media Informatics (Bachelor)
  • WS 16/17 - WS 17/18: Introduction for Media Informatics (Bachelor)
  • WS 15/16: Multimodal Interaction for Ubiquitous Systems (Master)
  • SS 13: Computer Graphics (Bachelor)
  • SS 09 - SS 15: Special Topics in Computer Animation (Bachelor)
  • SS 09 - SS 15: Computer Animation Course (Bachelor)
  • SS 09 - SS 15: Game Development Course (Bachelor)
  • WS 11/12: Web Engineering I/II (Diploma)

Scientific Activities


  • Honorable Mention Award, CHI 2017
  • Best Paper Award, Mensch und Computer 2015
  • Finalist of the German Future Communication Award
  • Staff Pick 2009 at vimeo.com
  • Animago award 2006 (Category: Home/Stills/Science-Fiction, 1. Pl)
  • Animago award 2005 (Category: Education/Stills/Science-Fiction, 1. Pl.)
  • Animago award 2005 (Category: Education/Animations/Science-Fiction, 2. Pl.)
  • 900pixel Contest 2004 (2. Pl.)
  • Animago award 2004 (Category: Home/Stills/Science-Fiction. 2. Pl.)
  • Animago award 2003 (Category: Home/Stills/Fantasy, 2. Pl.)
  • Involved: You, Planet! (Documentary/Industrial Motion Art)
    • New York Festival's International Television & Film Awards 2013, (Winner: Gold World Medal in Science & Technology: TV Documentary/Information)
    • Craft: Films/Production/US International Film & Video Festival 2013 (Certificate for Creative Excellence)
    • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, Science Media Awards 2012, (Winner: Best Visualization)
  • Involved: You, Planet! (Documentary/Industrial Motion Art)
    • EMMY 2008, Nomination: Light & Scenic Design
    • EMMY 2008, Winner: Best Cinematography & Visualization


  • Certified: Autodesk 3ds Max (Professional, Associate)
  • Programming: C, C++, C#, Java, Python
  • 3D: 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Mari, Katana
  • MotionCapturing: OpitTrack, Vicon
  • Engines: Unity3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, LibGDX 
  • Rendering: V-Ray, Mental Ray, Arnold
  • 2D: Nuke, Adobe CC, Fusion
  • Statistics: R, SPSS