Biped Motion-Capturing for 3ds max with the Kinect (2)

Biped Motion-Capturing for 3ds max with the Kinect (2)

There’s a simple workaround to load BVH-Files directly from Brekel to 3ds Max without using MotionBuilder:

What you need

  • Microsoft Kinect with USB-Adapter for PC
  • 3ds max 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


Install the Drivers

  1. Install OpenNI first
  2. Install Brekel

Confirm all security messages and continue.

Connect & Test

  1. Connect the Kinect via USB and wait for windows driver confirmation at your taskbar.
  2. Start Brekel (Start -> Programs -> Brekel Kinect -> Brekel Kinect). This software is a standalone software for recording motions (MoCap).

Calibrate user

  • Make sure ‘Nite User Tracking’ is enabled.
  • Place your Kinect on a planar surface and horizontal to the room
  • The complete user have to be visible in color mode
  • Calibrate in T-Pose (unnecessary when the official Microsoft driver for PC is published)
  • Don’t move until Brekel is calibrating
  • The calibration was succesful when the points in 3D and Depth mode are found
  • Jump around!

Recording Motions without using MotionBuilder

  • When the actors skeleton is detected you’re able to record as BVH.
  • Select your capture folder
  • Use Biped (3DMax) and set Write positions on
  • Set your delay and click “Start Capture BVH”
  • Jump around…
  • … and click stop (when you record again the capture number will be increase

Biped in 3ds max

  • Open 3ds max
  • Create a Biped (Main Menu -> Create -> Systems -> Biped)
  • Go to Figure Mode (Motion-Panel) and set its height to ca. 170 – 180 cm
  • Leave Figure Mode
  • Load Motion Capture File in the Motion Capture-Rollout (A)
  • Select BVH file type and open your capture file (B)
  • Set Limb Orientation (bottom right of the window) for the Knees and Elbows to Angle, instead of Point (C and D)
  • Click Ok (E)
  • Save your Motion as BIP-File… (F)
  • …and load the .BIP file onto your own Biped (G)


This workaround is much easier than recording a MoCap-File with MotionBuilder. For professional users MotionBuilder is the right choice to correct noisy motions and re-animate your takes.



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