The Making of the “Santa Maria”

The Making of the “Santa Maria”

In May 2011 I was commissioned by the Film Academy Ludwigsburg and Korion GmbH for a computer game to visualize a high-rez model of an explorer’s ship. The first thing I thought of this was the “Santa Maria” of Christopher Columbus, who reached America in 1492. For a game trailer I’ve rendered a ship and a few additional models for four CG sequences.

1. Modeling

2. Unwrapping

3. Interior Modelling

4. Detailed Modelling

5. Cloth Simulation For The Sails

6. Rivet Painting with Mudbox

7. V-Ray Material Setup

8.Reactor Rope Simulation Setup

9. Water, Foam And Additional Cloth Simulations

10. Sail Displacements

11. First Rendering

12. First Compositing

13. Wind and Sun

14. From Port Palos

15. Roteiro (Book Texture by Fabian Rühle)

16. New Horizon


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